Your home in the center of Florence


La Marmora 39

The B&B is situated in Florence, in the very central district of Santissima Annunziata / San Marco, in the first floor of a very elegant building. The excellent position it enjoys makes it close to all the main points of interest in the city, which can be all easily reached on foot.

Renovated in 2019, the B&B follows the concept of a boutique hotel, a small exclusive hotel with environments with a distinctive character and small and cozy spaces. The sensation the guests experience upon entering is, in fact, that of being in a welcoming, well kept environment with a contemporary and informal style.

Color is the main element that defines the common spaces and the 6 rooms available, giving to each of them a unique and iconic style. Every room is defined by a primary color that identifies it, around which the style of furniture and decorations has been outlined.

The common spaces like the kitchen, the balcony and the relax area accompany the same idea of “home” in which travelers can meet to get to know each other, exchange experiences or play a board game, surrounded by the warmth of the wood and the liveliness of colors.


Leyla’s “perfect refuge”

Leyla, a creative and hospitable art expert and collector of contemporary works, moved to Florence in 2016 to deepen her personal experience in the artistic field and satisfy her innate curiosity. The love for the city and the uniqueness of its beauties inspire the Greek artist who, starting from her roots, decides to create, in Florence, a new concept and adapt it to the world of hospitality.

From the Hellenic tradition she inherits the passion for meeting people and sharing, attention for wayfarers and the curiosity, typical of an explorer soul. She adds onto this everything that caught her eye and everything that allowed her to learn during her journey: from the style and design of the rooms to the choice of internal comforts, up to the distribution of the common spaces and the choice of paintings. Every detail of the B&B is born from a reworking that takes its cue from a personal experience that Leyla tries to communicate.

Completely immersed in her role of smart and modern traveler, Leyla understand she needs to add something to the experience, remodeling the common standards of the hotel world.

The way of serving breakfast is a perfect example of her concept of hospitality: every morning she lets the guests decide how to personalize their culinary experience. Everyday many guests are served dishes made on the spot, after they ordered them. Clients can also choose to get free room service if they want to enjoy a romantic moment with their partner or have a fun breakfast in bed with their family.

So, welcome to B&B La Marmora, the perfect synthesis between elegance and efficiency according to Leyla or, more simply, everything she would like to find in her “perfect refuge” on the other side of the world…